Introducing Vanessa Elisha

Introducing Vanessa Elisha


It’s with no small amount of pride that we welcome 21 year old singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha as the newest member of the In Crowd management family.

Over the last few years, Vanessa has been honing her skills as a writer and performer, working alongside local artists, including lending her talents to fellow In Crowder Krunk’s forthcoming single. Vanessas’s tireless work ethic and independent get-it-done attitude are as much an asset as her artistic skills. Futhermore, Vanessa represents the beginning of a the In Crowd’s diversification; Vanessa is the first R&B artist amongst a roster of electro-house producers and DJ’s.

The first release under the new partnership is BLUR.  Produced by Jrdn.Gxnius (CVIRO , VINNY CHA$E, Marky.) BLUR is a perfect introduction to Vanessa Elisha – a sweet yet distinct vocal performance matched with impossibly infectious lyrics.  With nothing more than a self-edited video clip and a few polite emails, Blur has found itself featured on a wide range of music blogs, including BlakMusicFirst, Global14,  Dope State of Mind and more.

A follow up single and EP are scheduled for release late February.

Today’s announcement is the first of several 2013 signings to be announced shortly.

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