Hailing from Sydney’s fringes, G-Wizard has been a cornerstone of the Australian music scene across the better half of the last decade. Dubbed ‘Wiz’ from his Atari guided tweaking of sound machinery, re-booming ghetto blasters, and a general mastery of Double Dragon; Wiz has been reworking high fidelity since 8-Tracks and LPs dominated the racks of record stores. Taste-making through technique, flipping commercial beats, bootlegs and party jams to create a show of pure musical magicianary. Legend of the Wizard’s magic rapidly spread throughout the land, and before long, artists like Flo Rida, Rihanna, Akon, Usher, Chris Brown and the Pussycat Dolls were commissioning the wax master to warm their stages and soundtrack their after-parties.

Rocking through the house and electro revolution, Jazzy Jeff, Jay-Z, Dre, Snoop and NWA made way for Van Helden, Guetta, Harris, and Tiesto. Quickly finding a home in the main-room of Australia’s institutional clubs, Wiz transferred his signature energy and showmanship to 4/4, garnering regular appearances at some of the country’s premiere dance spaces Marquee (Sydney), HQ Complex (Adelaide) and Liv Nightclub (Gold Coast) and earning universal praise for his explosive energy and live remixes, making complete use of all 4 cdjs. In addition to enchanting the ears of thousands across Australia’s clubs week-in-week-out, G-Wizard also holds regular guest-mix slots on Party People, broadcast nationally weekly through the SouthernCross/Austereo network, and recently secured his own weekly radio show ‘Club Edge’, broadcast every Friday on The Edge 96.1FM (NSW – Australian Radio Network).

From stage to studio, G-Wizard has been bouncing out his own bass laden sound, transposing pop and dance smashes into havoc inducing club cuts. Already hitting the charts with remixes for the likes Marvin Priest, Tom Piper & Daniel Farley, Elen Levon, Kronic and Bombs Away, the wizard has been locked away fine-tuning his forthcoming debut release – set to hit the internet in 2013 through the burgeoning Bomb Squad records. In addition to over half-a-million sales of the RnB Superclub compilation series, G-Wizard’s foray into the dance world was formalised in 2012, as he was selected to mix Ministry of Sound’s Gold selling series 2012 edition of ‘Maximum Bass’ – alongside UK dubstep and bass hero Jaguar Skills and local hard-style leaders Suae & Pulsar.