Tom Starks

Tom Starks desperately needs a new bio.

It’s not that there’s nothing to say about him – indeed, Tom’s rise from Adelaide hopeful to Gold Coast superstar has all the makings of short lived HBO series.

It’s not that he’s too busy – although a constant schedule of Modern Warfare 3 and the occasional 100km Charity Bike Ride do keep him occupied.

It’s just that Tom has worked too hard and come too far to enjoy anything but the finest life has to offer, and boring himself with writing biographies doesn’t fit in with his designer lifestyle. Neither does production, remixes or radio shows. All you need to know is that  in the art of entertaining people with other people’s music. Tom Starks is a modern day Davinici. No gimmicks or superstar DJ cliches, just a refreshing, unpredictable yet energetic blend of music; the devil’s in the details.

In between holding down the position of main resident at the Gold Coast’s SinCity Nightclub, you can find Mr Starks traversing Australia, bringing a touch of class to DJ Booths nationwide.